Who & Why

I’m Kelli, a former self-labeled quitter and a writer momma with ADD.  There’s more to it, but I’ll save that for later.

Why this? Why now? In early 2017, I came out of the speaker’s closet to share bits of my personal journey at the Esther Be Women’s Gathering, in Indianapolis. When Esther Be’s founder invited me to speak, neither she nor I knew how I’d fill the time slot, but that’s how we both kind of roll. The macro theme chose itself: mine is a story of suffocating my voice and losing touch with Truth under the weight of shame, fear, and repression.

My segment was heavy – like seriously heavy – and looking out at the audience at the end of my time, my heart sank just a little.  I’d left out the most important part of my redemption story. Yeah, the redemption part.  I’m so not a Debbie Downer, yet that’s how I felt.

There are no do-overs in live speaking, but thank goodness for do-some-more’s. And that’s what I’m doing here on Waking the Heart.  As a writer, right-brainer, and an every-day photographer, I’ve found ways to process decades of stuff that could fill the pages of both novels and non-fiction (both of which I’d subtitle, ‘What Not to Do.’)

This isn’t a how-to blog, nor am I here to push or preach. It’s a small, simple space to continue what started at Esther Be, except this time I wont leave out the redemption.